In our Workplace: 

We consider minimising our impact upon the environment in our everyday actions by: 

  • Avoiding wasting materials, using recycled materials, and recycling our office waste 
  • Carefully planning necessary staff travel; we have one electric vehicle (EV) with aspirations to increase this 
  • Promoting environmental awareness amongst employees 
  • Endeavouring to keep our office operations and energy use lean 

In Project Design and Specification: 

We are committed to seeking ways to keep carbon emissions to a minimum and to contributing positively to the built environment with ‘green’ eco-measures, whilst delivering attractive and practical projects for our customers. 

To achieve this, we: 

  • Design and specify sustainable buildings 
  • Specify building materials with the optimum balance between environmental impact, performance and good value 
  • Include energy saving and energy generating measures in every design 
  • Raise awareness amongst our customers and construction partners about sustainability 
  • Encourage the protection and enhancement of biodiversity on site 
  • Specify sustainably sourced materials, and seek to specify locally manufactured building materials, or those with an efficient supply chain