Our Team

Alex Bond Project Management / Building Engineering
Debbie Mellor Planning
Kathleen Pratt Project Management and Architectural Design
Ria Cooke Office
Helena Cox Project Management and Architectural Design
Kamil Kara Architectural Design / Visualisation Specialist

Core Values

PCMS Design has four core values that underpin our work and our approach to it. They are: 

Design - this informs everything we do and is the starting point for every project.

Achievement- we pride ourselves on achieving project success as measured by a fully signed off and compliant scheme that delight our customers.

Transparency - we are an ‘open’ organisation that acts as an intermediary between our customers, those who grant consent, and construction firms. We are always fair in our dealings. 

Empathy – we put ourselves in the position of our customers, building contractors, planning officers and specialist consultants when developing designs, seeking consent and managing building work.